Less than Container Load (LCL)

LCL stands for "Less than Container Load." It is a term used in the shipping industry to describe a mode of transportation where a shipment does not fill an entire standard cargo container. Instead, multiple shipments from different shippers are consolidated and loaded into the same container. This allows smaller shipments to share space and costs, making it a cost-effective option for businesses or individuals with cargo that doesn't warrant the use of a full container. LCL shipping is commonly used in ocean freight, especially when the cargo volume is not large enough to justify a full container.


Secure your LCL Shipment within Seconds!

1. Efficient Cost Management

Pay only for the space your shipment uses, optimizing your expenses.

2. Secure and Shield Your Cargo

Ensure the safety of low-volume shipments by transporting them together in an LCL container.

3. Stable Shipping Rates

Benefit from predictable and steady LCL rates, avoiding the volatility associated with FCL rates.

Book your LCL Shipment in Seconds

Compare thousands of LCL rates and select the most competitive option for low-volume shipments.

Optimize Your Costs

Pay only for the amount of space your shipment occupies.

Compact and protect your cargo

Low-volume shipments are safer when shipped together in an LCL container.

Ship With Stable Rates

LCL rates are less volatile than FCL rates.

Advantages of LCL Shipping

  • Share container space with others, and only pay for the space your cargo takes up.
  • Get lower shipping rates for smaller shipments with LCL.
  • Ship different quantities without needing a whole container, adjusting to your business needs.
  • Use LCL as a convenient way to introduce your goods to international trade and reach global markets.
  • Ship smaller amounts more often to reduce inventory costs and improve supply chain management.

What makes our LCL shipping services a great choice?

Cost Efficiency : Pay for the space you need, making it cost-effective for smaller shipments.

Flexibility : Ship varying quantities without committing to a full container, adapting to your changing business requirements.

Global Reach : Access international markets by leveraging LCL cargo as a practical entry point for your goods.

Optimized Supply Chain : Minimize inventory holding costs by shipping smaller quantities more frequently, enhancing overall supply chain management.

Reliability : Benefit from our reliable LCL shipping services for timely and efficient transportation of your cargo.