Who is a Digital Freight Forwarder?

e-Ship Pro is a Digital Freight Forwarding company that utilizes digital technologies and platforms to facilitate and optimize the shipment of goods across international borders. We leverage online tools for booking, tracking, documentation, and communication, providing a more efficient and transparent supply chain solution.


What makes the e-Ship Pro a Best Freight Forwarder in the market?

7 Best services of e-Ship Pro.

e-Ship Pro offers a range of services, including freight transportation, customs brokerage, documentation preparation, cargo consolidation, warehousing, insurance arrangement, and supply chain management. We act as intermediaries between shippers and carriers to ensure smooth and efficient movement of goods.

Why e-Ship Pro

Why should I use e-Ship Pro as my Digital Freight Forwarder?

e-Ship Pro has in-depth knowledge and experience in handling international shipments. We can navigate complex logistics networks, handle customs procedures, and provide cost-effective transportation solutions. With the help of e-Ship Pro (Digital Freight Forwarder) you can save you time, effort, and potentially reduce shipping costs.

Arranging Shipments

How do e-Ship Pro (Digital Freight Forwarders) arrange shipments?

e-Ship Pro have established relationships with various carriers, liners, trucking companies, and rail operators. We negotiate contracts and rates with these carriers to secure space for shipments. Based on your requirements, e-Ship Pro will select the most suitable carrier and route for your cargo to process door to door delivery steps.

Custom Clearance

Does e-Ship Pro handle customs clearance?

Yes, e-Ship Pro is well-versed in custom regulations and procedures. We also liaise with customs authorities on your behalf to ensure smooth customs clearance.

Handling Shipment Imports and Exports

Can e-Ship Pro handle both imports and exports?

Yes, e-Ship Pro can handle both import and export shipments. Whether you're sending goods to another country or receiving goods from abroad, and can manage the entire process, from the origin point to the final destination.


What is LCL?

LCL stands for Less than Container Load.

It is a shipping term used in freight forwarding to refer to shipments that do not fill an entire shipping container. Instead, multiple smaller shipments from different shippers are consolidated and loaded together in a shared container. The weight of an LCL shipment can vary depending on the cargo being transported, as it comprises the combined weight of the individual shipments consolidated within the container. The specific weight of an LCL shipment is determined by the total weight of the goods being shipped by all the shippers involved.

Shipping Cost

How do e-Ship Pro calculate shipping costs?

e-Ship Pro shipping costs depend on various factors, including the weight, dimensions, and nature of the goods, as well as the origin and destination locations. Our expertise and relationships with carriers to negotiate competitive rates for their customers. We consider these factors to provide accurate cost estimates.

Cargo Insurance

Is e-Ship Pro responsible for cargo insurance?

Yes, e-Ship Pro can arrange cargo insurance on behalf of their clients, it's important to note that we typically act as intermediaries between the client and the insurance provider. e-Ship Pro can advise on insurance options and facilitate the insurance process, but the ultimate responsibility for obtaining insurance lies with the shipper.

Shipment Tracking

How will I track my shipment with e-Ship Pro?

Yes, e-Ship Pro provides shipment tracking services that allow you to monitor the status and location of your shipment throughout the transportation process. We use the best tracking systems and technologies to keep you informed about the progress of your goods and any potential delays.