Guidelines for Wood Packaging Material in International Trade

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Guidelines for Wood Packaging Material in International Trade

Wood Packaging Material Requirements

If you're considering Ocean Freight Shipments, it's important to understand the regulations regarding wood packaging material (WPM). Here's what you need to know:

Whether you're shipping agricultural or non-agricultural products, you may need to use wood packaging material. However, it's crucial to be aware that this could potentially introduce plant pests.

To adhere to International Shipping standards established by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), wood packaging material must be treated and marked according to specific guidelines.

ISPM 15 Compliance:

All Ocean Freight Shipments involving WPM must comply with ISPM 15 rules to prevent the spread of plant pests. This includes wooden crates, cases, pallets, and dunnage.

WPM must be properly treated and stamped to be approved by the IPPC. Failure to comply may lead to customs checks, resulting in delays or rejection upon arrival.

Approved Wood Treatment Measures:

Heat Treatment (HT): Wood packaging material must be heated to a minimum core temperature of 56°C for at least 30 minutes, or undergo alternative processes meeting HT parameters such as kiln-drying, chemical pressure impregnation, or microwave treatment.

Methyl Bromide (MB) Fumigation: While MB fumigation is effective, its harmful impact on the ozone layer has led to a search for alternatives. Treatment time and temperature vary based on chemical concentration, ensuring thorough permeation of the commodity.

ISPM 15 Stamps:

Ensure WPM compliance with ISPM 15 regulations by obtaining the appropriate stamps.

US Import Guidelines:

When importing to the US, all WPM must adhere to proper treatment and marking guidelines. Exceptions include certain materials originating from Canada, manufactured wood products, small wood pieces, and specific shipments for Department of Défense (or) personal use.

Advice for Wood Packaging Material:

Use only ISPM 15 certified and stamped pallets for palletized shipments. Ensure cardboard boxes comply with ISPM 15 regulations if used for packing goods. Refer to the ISPM 15 regulations manual for further details.

we trust this information will assist you in your shipments involving wood packaging materials. We strive to enhance your shipping experience.